From an early age art in all shapes, forms and techniques where encouraged however it wasn’t until Shayla was 23 that she found lampworking. “It was the closest I have ever come to Love at first sight. I knew from the first time I melted glass that that is what I wanted to for the rest of my life.” Shortly thereafter Shayla left college and pursued a job in production pipe work at local glass studio Starphyre Creations. After about a year of working in a production studio, Shayla continued to pursue her career in functional glass art from her home in Pueblo Colorado Where she has a studio and raises her young daughter, 2 dogs, cat and a garden.
Flame working since January of 2014 Shayla has received numerous awards at various events across the United States. 6th place at Champs Glass Games Masters Finals in 2017, 4th place, Artists Choice and People Choice at Champs Masters 2019 for Mother, maiden, crone. 1st place At FAM Glass Show 2019 for Ganesh, peoples Choice Mother, Maiden, and Crone at Glass Vegas 2020 as well as 2nd place with Hicdogg for Koyaanisqatsi in the collaboration category. 2nd place for Thunder bird wind chime at The 2020 Sonoran Glass School Flame off. 4th Place at Champs masters Finals 2022. Peoples Choice and 2nd Place Glass Vegas 2022.  3rd Place at DFO 2022 in Collaboration with Hicdogg.  2nd Place at Pipe Classic IV 2022,
Looking forward you can find Shayla at several up and coming events including competitions, demos, classes and art shows across the country. When asked what her future plans are Shayla replied “my current goals are to continue learning and evolving in my art, as a mother and all other aspects of my life. I have been truly blessed with the opportunity to support my daughter doing something I love. Eventually I would like to open a teaching studio where I can pass on the love I have for this craft to the next generation.”
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