About PSS

Presidential Smoke Shop is a family owned business out of Las Vegas, Nv. Opened in 2013. Started with an idea of your typical neighborhood smoke shop but soon turned into an obsession about the art.
We decided to take a risk and only operate online, because Las Vegas is such a small city and we didn't want to have to compete with the great smoke shops already operating in Las Vegas. We wanted to eliminate The Neighbourhood smoke shop from our own personal shopping experience and bring
products right to the collectors door step.

PSS is here to provide you with american made glass from glass artist all around the country. Our focus is to make this process as easy as possible by providing free shipping and include pelican cases for almost all our products. We are committed to Provided great customer service. We feel it is great to have a good connection with anyone who contacts us even if they do not shop with us. As we said before we do take a lot of pride in the art side of the products but we also make sure the products are 100% functional and packaged securely before they even leave our office.