OMNI Hammer" Carb Cap and Dabber

This grade 2 titanium universal carb cap/dabber from Santa Cruz Shredder combines two concentrate accessories into one useful tool. What seperates this carb cap and dabber is not just the strength and durability of its titanium construction, but also its dual hole design. This universal carb cap has a hole on both the top and the side, giving you the option of where to screw in the dabber. The extra hole allows you control over the amount of airflow as you dab (by using your finger to cover the hole when you see fit), so you can get the perfect mixture of fresh air and vapor for an optimal concentrate experience. This innovative tool from Santa Cruz Shredder makes low temperature dabbing catered precisely to each individual smoker's preferences. This carb cap and dabber is available with either a flat tip or a ball point dabber.

  • height:
  • 3.5inches
  • Santa Cruz Shredder Carb Cap
  • 3.5" Height
  • Available With Flat Tip Or Ball Point Dabber
  • Dual Hole Design
  • Grade 2 Titanium
  • Made In The USA
  • Santa Cruz Shredder Carb Cap/Dabber
  • Universal Carb Cap


Collections: Accessories

Type: Unknown Type

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