*New XL-Dual Cobra 3D PRINTED E-NAIL (GLOW WHITE Show Edition)

Best Size Cobra Coil For You?

XL Cobra Coil fits most standard 24-25mm quartz Bucket Styles ONLY "Recommended heat temperature: 500-600 F"

XXL Cobra Coil fits most 30mm Buckets, QCB Scouts & Smaller Slurpers "Recommended heat temperature: 600-700 F"

*NEW v2 XXL Cobra Coil fits 30mm Buckets, XL & XXL Slurpers, HE Towers & Most QCB Scouts Quartz  "Recommended heat temperature: 600-700 F"

* XXXL QCB Charmer Cobra Coil 36mm Wide "Not as tall to make sure joint doesn't get to hot"  "Recommended heat temperature: 600-700 F"

OUR 5Pin XLR Wiring Diagram

Pin1, Pin2 are power for coil;Pin3, TC+;Pin4, TC-;Pin5, Ground;

This Information can be used with DIY controllers.

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