MrGray Accessories

An assortment of marble and pearls 

1-17.7mm Green Dicro Marble, 12.5mm leaf & a 6.7mm leaf

2-10.8mm Spider x2 & a 7.3mm bug

3-12.5mm Dragon Eye, 6.8mm Dragon Eye X2

4-12mm Ant marble, 10mm Ant, & a 6mm bug pearl

5-12mm leaf marble, & 7mm pearl

6-7.3mm Pearl, 6.5mm UFO Pearl, 12mm UFO Marble

7-21.7mm Green Dicro Marble, & a 12mm Green Dicro Marble

8-16.9mm Dicro Marble & a 12mm Flower Marble

Collections: Accessories, Accessorize Show 7/10, Mr.Gray

Type: Unknown Type

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