Avantgarde Glass- Fumed Elementum Membrane Columnar

The first color accent fumed Elementum Membrane Columnar.          This beauty features Wild Berry over White Satin accents and the mix of gold and silver fuming. Standing 11.5" Tall, 5.25 Base.                  14mm Female fittng.                                                                                

The Membrane Columnars feature Avant-Tech passageways running within the walls throughout the entire can. In the Membrane pieces the smoke travels down the imagery in the walls through the Membrane in the base and percolates vertically from the foot. The main imagery you see are hollow passageways with the cursive E being bubble traps/Ariels. The dyed water in the video is used to demonstrate the passageways and show off where the smoke will travel.

Collections: Avantagarde Glass

Type: Unknown Type

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