Evol Empire- BIO-HAZARD V2 (Pink Slyme & Poppy)

Evol Empire:


- Bio-Hazard V2  with Pink Slyme & Poppy (NS Glass) Trillium ( NS Glass), & Lava (NS Glass

-The Bio-Hazard V2, has a stunning profile.  Evol Empire exploded there Eclipse design by taking our the standard Eclipse  Dewar and cut it up into three sections  and wrapped them around another Dewar. 

- The final result is a stunning water mover with a volume of 258 mL, and a flow rate of 6. 

-Sandblasted Evol Emire 

- Pink Slime & Poppy  mouthpiece.

-Female Joint: 14mm

Height: 10"

Base diameter: 3.5".


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